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Salaries aren’t always straight forward but making sure your team are paid on time and correctly is essential. While you may have a solid understanding of payroll, you may not have the time to run payroll systems alongside your day to day business.


Our services are available for companies with between 1 to 250 employees, whether hourly or salary based. We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll to suit your needs.

We continuously monitor salaries and hourly paid staff to ensure they don’t slip below the living or minimum wage. We also handle all deductions for National Insurance (NI), Tax and Attachment of Earnings Orders.


All our payslips are uploaded to a secure online portal, for the individual employees, where they can access them via their computer or by a dedicated app that is available for download free of charge.

All employee payslips are available to view and print if and when required along with P60’s and Pension letters when applicable.

Pension Auto Enrolment

Smart Real Time Accounting automatic assessments for all employees and where applicable set up the deductible pension payment. We liaise with and send out Pension Letters for eligible and non eligible job holders along with postponements where applicable. We work with a variety of pension providers and can upload all contributions and data required as part of our service, removing all of the hassle from your business.

Dealing with HMRC

  • We work with HMRC on your behalf dealing with RTI (Real Time Information) submissions every pay period, advising accordingly of maternity and parental deductions etc. We automatically and regularly check for updated tax code notifications for employees and make sure payments are allocated correctly and represent you accordingly.

    Our prices start with a minimum monthly fee of £20*(up to 3 employees), after which you pay £5.50* per employee.

    For weekly or fortnightly payroll there is a minimum charge of £10*(up to 2 employees), after which it is £3.50* per employee.

    Directors’ payroll is a monthly service with a minimum fee of £15*(up to 3 directors), after which you pay £5.00* per Director.

    We can help you starting today. Get in touch to meet the team.

    *all prices are net of VAT.

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